Bradford Scratch Orchestra

Bradford Scratch Orchestra is an open musical group, for players regardless of skill level, formal musical knowledge or instrument played. We meet every Monday from 7pm till 9pm for participant lead improvisation at the Tasmin Little Music Centre on the Bradford University campus. We explore various improvisational tools, using existing techniques or perhaps an idea a member brings to the group. These have included sustain – playing a note or chord and allowing it to sound for as long as it naturally lasts before moving onto the next note or chord, scribbling – playing lots of notes freely, and Chinese Whispers – one member starts with a musical idea and it goes around the group from one player to the next till it returns to the start.

The group is open to non-students and students alike, people of all ages and any musical background. If you have something to play, bring it along – it needn’t be something traditionally classed as an instrument – or come along and use what instruments are available. There is a piano, upright bass, a collection of guitars and bass; both electric and acoustic, and an assortment of percussion.


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